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YesToMexico Launches to Highlight Traveler Safety South of the Border

Uniting travel industry voices around the issue of tourist safety, YesToMexico has been created with the intention of bringing balance to the current conversation about Mexico and its popular vacation destinations.

The U.S.-based non-profit is comprised of a five-member Board who all have professional experience within the travel industry and visited the destination many times. Speaking to consumers, agents and NGOs looking for a fact-based answer to the question, “is Mexico safe for tourists?,” the organization’s website, www.yestomexico.org will serve as a resource for accurate information about Mexico’s popular tourist regions.
“YesToMexico is personal for all of us—we’re tired of sensational reports about the country that we and many others love to visit,” said Tom Brussow, president, YesToMexico. “Our mission is simple, debunk the travel myths about Mexico. There’s a reason Mexico was voted the friendliest & most welcoming country in the world*, and we aim to tell travelers why.”

The current conversation about Mexico does not represent tourist sentiment, as the numbers overwhelming speak to how travelers feel about this popular locale:

—Mexico was the 6th most visited global destination in 2017.

—20 million U.S. tourists visited Mexico in 2017, continuing five straight years of double-digit growth.

—80 percent of travelers’ view Mexico favorably as a tourist destination.

—94 percent of visitors reported that their travel experience to Mexico exceeded expectations, and 86 percent of travelers would like to return to Mexico in the next six months.

YesToMexico is not focused on advancing any individual, company, political point of view or organization.

Source: Travel Pulse 11/27/2018. Link to article

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